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    Singlers & Doublers

    Singlers & Doublers

    When you purchase a bottle of e-liquid you may be given the option of either a Singler or a Doubler. What do these mean and does it matter if you make the wrong choice?


    Singlers are a full bottle of e-liquid which is ready to vape. You can buy these as they are and add them into your device to use straight away.

    These e-liquids are not designed to have nicotine added to them, as they are a full bottle. If you are not planning on vaping with nicotine, then you will want a Singler.


    Doublers are designed to make it easier for people to add nicotine to their e-liquid. These bottles come half-filled, but the liquid inside is double concentrated (hence the name Doubler).

    These e-liquids are designed to be mixed with further ingredients before vaping. You do not vape the contents of a Doubler without adding an unflavoured nicotine base to the bottle. This is because the flavour would be too strong and not the way the juice manufacturer intended.

    A Doubler or Singler bottle look identical - even with the same labels - and the only difference is that a Doubler will contain half a bottle of liquid whereas a Singler will be filled to the top.

    Those who are planning on using a Doubler should purchase a bottle of unflavoured nicotine base from an overseas vendor. At this stage, nicotine is not regulated for sale in Australia.

    The Doubler bottle is mixed with this nicotine base to the desired strength. Nicotine calculators are available online to help with these calculations. If there is any ‘gap’ left over in the bottle after adding nicotine, this must be filled with unflavoured base ingredients Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Only once this bottle has been filled is it ready to vape.


    Calculator placeholder


    Why are Doublers popular in Australia?

    In many other countries around the world, it is legal to purchase e-liquid already containing nicotine. You can choose the nicotine strength - such as 3mg or 6mg - or if you choose to vape without nicotine you’ll also have the option of 0mg. Doublers aren’t necessary because you are able to purchase e-liquid with nicotine already added.

    For people who choose the Singler option, this is the same as purchasing a liquid with 0mg.

    Due to the laws regarding nicotine in Australia, you are not able to purchase e-liquid containing nicotine from an Australian vendor. Obviously, however, there are many ex-smokers who prefer to vape with nicotine.

    The problem with adding unflavoured nicotine to a full bottle of e-liquid is that it will dilute the flavour of the juice.

    Doublers solve this problem by allowing an unflavoured nicotine base to be added to the bottle without compromising on flavour.


    Still confused?

    If you’re still confused, think of a Doubler as being similar to cordial. To make a glass of cordial you need to add water to dilute the liquid before it’s ready to drink.

    With a Doubler of e-liquid although we don’t use water, the liquid needs to be diluted before use or it will be equivalent to drinking that cordial without adding water first.

    Using nicotine in your e-liquid

    Using nicotine in your e-liquid

    For people quitting smoking, questions about nicotine are often among the first asked when transitioning to vaping.

    Unfortunately in Australia, unlike in most other countries around the world, nicotine is not available in e-liquids. It is not legal for anyone, anywhere in Australia, for any reason whatsoever, to supply nicotine. If they do so, both the supplier and the buyer are potentially facing a large fine. While it may seem easier on the surface to get nicotine via the black market, it is definitely not worth the risk.

    If you choose to use nicotine in your liquids in Australia, you’ll need to import it for personal use.

    Benefits and health issues of using nicotine

    The biggest benefit of using nicotine in your vape is that it will be easier to transition away from smoking.

    A commonly used acronym for vapes is ENDS - Electronic Nicotine Delivery System - and this is essentially exactly what a lot of people look for when making the switch: a safer way to deliver nicotine into your body. Since e-liquid is not littered with carcinogens it’s immediately cleaner than pre-packed tobacco, and since vaping technology allows you to inhale nicotine without burning anything you avoid the carbon monoxide which produces tar on your lungs.

    Nicotine is not the reason for smoking-related disease: officially it is not a carcinogen, it does not cause lung cancer, [and] it has minimal effect on cardiovascular disease.

    [Professor Polosa, First Global Forum on Nicotine, 2014]

    The possibility that people can be addicted to nicotine, but not die from it, is at the heart of a growing debate in the scientific community. Scientists don’t doubt nicotine is addictive, but some wonder if a daily dose could be as benign as the caffeine many of us get from a morning coffee.

    There are possible side effects to using nicotine if you are not a smoker. But if you’re an entrenched, long-term smoker - somebody already addicted to nicotine - studies show that vaping is close to or more than 95% safer than continuing to smoke.

    How to get nicotine into your e-liquid

    We would recommend importing your nicotine from New Zealand, as its close proximity to Australia means that your delivery will likely arrive very quickly.

    Be careful when mixing nicotine. Nicotine in high strengths is potentially very harmful, so it’s best to stick to an absolute maximum of 100mg base when mixing, and use protective gear including gloves and eye protection when handling. Skin contact should be avoided, and ingestion is a no-no. Handled properly, nicotine can be mixed easily and accurately with a syringe, but if in doubt please always contact an expert at your local vape shop.

    You will first need to decide the nicotine strength you’re aiming for, which will be partly determined by the device in use and partly by the nicotine hit you’re after.

    For a beginner starter kit the levels vary anywhere from 3mg all the way up to 12mg and above. For an advanced kit that outputs more power, most people tend to stick to 3mg or lower.

    Nicotine calculators are readily available online that allow you to input the bottle size of your e-liquid, the strength of your nicotine base and your desired nicotine strength, and will then tell you exactly how much nicotine to add.

    Once this small amount of nicotine base has been added to your e-liquid, it’s a case of shaking up the bottle and it will be ready to use.


    Calculator placeholder



    Nicotine salts

    The most popular form of nicotine to add to your e-liquid is freebase nicotine, however there is a more stable variation that has slightly different properties. These are called nicotine salts.

    Nicotine salts are still sold in liquid form, despite the name. The reason they’re called salts is that they are a mix of an alkaline base with an acid.

    There are several differences between freebase nicotine and nicotine salts.

    • Nicotine salts enter the bloodstream quicker than freebase nicotine, which means a more immediate bodily reaction. Think of when you used to go for a cigarette on your lunch break and you got that immediate satisfaction. Freebase nicotine, on the other hand, has a compounded effect over time and is less immediate.
    • Freebase nicotine provides the user with a ‘throat hit’ similar to the roughness on the back of the throat from smoking, whereas nicotine salts are smoother. This element of vaping is entirely up to user preference - some users prefer a throat hit and some prefer a smoother inhale.
    • Because of this smoothness, nicotine salts can be used at a higher concentration (think anywhere between 20mg and 50mg) and are therefore perfect for lower-powered devices such as beginner kits.

    Nicotine salts are mixed into your e-liquids in the same way as freebase nicotine. Once you’ve chosen a desired strength, just follow the same steps as stated above.

    Final word

    Laws regarding use of nicotine differ from one state to the next. With regulations constantly changing across Australia, we advise that you seek out clarification of the laws in your state.

    Coils: Extending the life of your vape

    Coils: Extending the life of your vape

    When first starting out vaping, one of the terms you’re likely to hear is ‘the coil’. In the most basic terms, the coil is the heating element that sits inside your liquid tank.

    Each vape device has a coil inserted in the tank or pod. The coil is usually a small stainless steel object which sits in the centre of the tank, and which will usually have some writing on the side.

    Inside this coil is some cotton, which works to absorb the liquid inside the tank. Pressed against this cotton is some wire. When you hold down the button on your device, the wire heats up and turns the liquid absorbed in the cotton into vapour, which you then inhale.

    Coils are one of the major features of any vape device and something that you will quickly get used to. They allow you to maintain a clean, nice flavour with an easy inhale.

    One of the main benefits to the coil system is that they can be easily changed, which means when a coil is at the end of its life you can switch it out for a new one.



    When does a coil need to be changed?

    There are several ways to tell if a coil needs replacing.

    First, and most obvious, is a burnt taste to your vape. This happens when the coil has been heated up enough times (usually anywhere between several hundred to several thousands puffs) that the cotton has started to change to a brown or black colour and taken on a burnt taste. It’s time to change your coil, immediately removing the burnt taste and renewing the flavour of your e-liquid.

    Second, you may notice a loss of vapour production. You will sometimes note that a loss of vapour production coincides with the draw being tighter. This can sometimes be overcome by cleaning your tank out with warm water (do not wash the coil itself), which could alleviate some of the problems. If not, it’s time to replace the coil.

    Third, you may notice your tank is leaking. While leakage can be due to several different factors, it can also be the result of the cotton within the coil becoming unable to absorb juice. Once a coil stops absorbing e-liquid, the juice will flow through the cotton and down through the airflow holes at the base of your tank. Again, it’s time to change your coil.

    Extending the life of the coil

    One way to get the most out of your coils is to properly prime them. Every time you change your coil, you must prime it.

    Priming is simply the act of allowing the e-liquid in your tank to adequately soak into the cotton before you fire it. Firing a dry coil will simply burn it and either shorten its life or render it useless immediately.

    There are two ways to do this.

    First, you can fill your tank and simply leave it for about 10-15 minutes. Once you begin using your tank, either take dry inhales (inhale without pressing the button) a few times, or use the vape for shorter puffs at a lower wattage. Once the juice starts flowing through properly (you’ll know this is the case when you don’t get any dryness at the end of an inhale, and your flavour is nice) then you have properly primed your coil.

    Secondly, on wider coils where the cotton is visible, you can drip two or three drops directly onto the cotton in the top of the coil. This will allow you to use your vape quicker, but also risks the possibility of ‘flooding’ your coil, which means you’ve added too much e-liquid.

    There are many different coils

    For any given kit or tank you will notice that there are often many different coils available. While each tank differs, the general rule of thumb is as follows:

    The lower the resistance (ohms) of a coil, the more power it requires to run and the more vapour it will produce. The higher the resistance of a coil, the less power it requires to run and it will produce smaller amounts of vapour.



    Make your decisions based on these differences. If you are seeking a tighter inhale closer to smoking, choose a higher resistance coil (high ohms number). Alternatively, a lower resistance coil is best for looser inhales and more vapour production.

    Whichever style you choose, both the tips for priming your coil and the signs for when to change your coil remain the same.