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Singlers & Doublers

When you purchase a bottle of e-liquid you may be given the option of either a Singler or a Doubler. What do these mean and does it matter if you make the wrong choice?


Singlers are a full bottle of e-liquid which is ready to vape. You can buy these as they are and add them into your device to use straight away.

These e-liquids are not designed to have nicotine added to them, as they are a full bottle. If you are not planning on vaping with nicotine, then you will want a Singler.


Doublers are designed to make it easier for people to add nicotine to their e-liquid. These bottles come half-filled, but the liquid inside is double concentrated (hence the name Doubler).

These e-liquids are designed to be mixed with further ingredients before vaping. You do not vape the contents of a Doubler without adding an unflavoured nicotine base to the bottle. This is because the flavour would be too strong and not the way the juice manufacturer intended.

A Doubler or Singler bottle look identical - even with the same labels - and the only difference is that a Doubler will contain half a bottle of liquid whereas a Singler will be filled to the top.

Those who are planning on using a Doubler should purchase a bottle of unflavoured nicotine base from an overseas vendor. At this stage, nicotine is not regulated for sale in Australia.

The Doubler bottle is mixed with this nicotine base to the desired strength. Nicotine calculators are available online to help with these calculations. If there is any ‘gap’ left over in the bottle after adding nicotine, this must be filled with unflavoured base ingredients Propylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Only once this bottle has been filled is it ready to vape.


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Why are Doublers popular in Australia?

In many other countries around the world, it is legal to purchase e-liquid already containing nicotine. You can choose the nicotine strength - such as 3mg or 6mg - or if you choose to vape without nicotine you’ll also have the option of 0mg. Doublers aren’t necessary because you are able to purchase e-liquid with nicotine already added.

For people who choose the Singler option, this is the same as purchasing a liquid with 0mg.

Due to the laws regarding nicotine in Australia, you are not able to purchase e-liquid containing nicotine from an Australian vendor. Obviously, however, there are many ex-smokers who prefer to vape with nicotine.

The problem with adding unflavoured nicotine to a full bottle of e-liquid is that it will dilute the flavour of the juice.

Doublers solve this problem by allowing an unflavoured nicotine base to be added to the bottle without compromising on flavour.


Still confused?

If you’re still confused, think of a Doubler as being similar to cordial. To make a glass of cordial you need to add water to dilute the liquid before it’s ready to drink.

With a Doubler of e-liquid although we don’t use water, the liquid needs to be diluted before use or it will be equivalent to drinking that cordial without adding water first.

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