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The XMAX OONT Portable Dry Herb Vaporiser is intended for use by adults over the age of 18 with dry herb products only. This vape is not to be used with e-liquids. An understanding of dry herb vaporisers is required to use this device safely, and we recommend that you do your own thorough research prior to purchasing.

The XMAX OONT Dry Herb Vaporiser  gives you a decent, relatively easy dry herb vaping experience in a small, portable body. Although the XMAX OONT Dry Herb Vape is mini, it still has temperature control with five pre-set temps (180-220°C), three and five-minute timed session, automatic shut-off, an isolated air path for clean vapour production, vibration alerts (haptic feedback) and a built-in 1500mAh battery for around 12 sessions (three-minute) on a single charge. On top of that, the OONT Vaporiser boasts a food-grade glass mouthpiece and included dosing capsule, for easy filling and cleaning of your ceramic heating chamber.


The XMAX OONT Dry Herb Vape may look like a baby but it's got some skills for its size! It will definitely give you an enjoyable dry herb or botanical vaping session without a problem.

The OONT Vaporiser has most of the features you’d expect in a standard dry herb vape kit and some surprising ones for a small vape kit:

  • 100% isolated air path – protected airflow path so your vapour is smooth, clean and protected from contaminants.
  • Scalable air path – adjust the length of your Oont Dry Herb Vape air path by sliding the long, glass mouthpiece in or out. It may adjust the temperature of the vapour.
  • Food-grade material – your mouthpiece, steel filter and dosing capsules have passed strict food-grade tests.
  • Bottom filling oven – the hinge door at the bottom opens so you can load a filled dosing capsule (lid side first). Once the session is over and the OONT has cooled, open the hinge door again, press the glass mouth piece down and out pops your dosing capsule!
  • Ceramic heating chamber with embedded heating element – fits approx. 1.5mL of botanicals.
  • 20-25 seconds heating time – starts heating upon turning it on. Heats to default or last set temp and session timer. LED lights will flash while heating then stop and vibrate when ready to vape.
  • Timed sessions of three or five minutes – heats to your desired temp for three or five-minute sessions that you choose with two clicks of the power button.
  • Safety shut-off - safely turns itself off when timed session is over.
  • Five pre-set temperatures for easy temp control (180-220°C/356-428℉) – press and hold the power button for two seconds to change temp by 10°C. The LED lights on the front indicate your chosen temperature:
    • one light: 180°C/356°F
    • two lights: 190°C/374°F
    • three lights: 200°C/392°F
    • four lights: 210°C/410°F
    • five lights: 220°C/428°F.
  • Button-less vaping – use the power button to turn on/off, adjust temperature or switch timed session but to vape, just wait till the XMAX OONT vibrates and just draw on the mouthpiece.
  • 1500mAh battery built in – easy charging in two hours via included Type-C charging cable (max 5V/1A).
  • 12 three-minute sessions, at the max temperature, on a single charge.
  • Easy to vape with:
      1. Load a filled dosing capsule in the oven.
      2. Turn Oont Vapouriser on with three clicks of the power button.
      3. Let it heat to default or last-used temp, or hold the power button for two seconds to change it.
      4. Select timed session by double-clicking the power button (three or five min).
      5. When the LED lights stop flashing the Oont Vape will vibrate to let you know it's ready to vape.
    • Dosing capsules for easy maintenance – loosely fill your included dosing capsule with dry herb, replace the lid and load it in the chamber. Get yourself a five-pack of dosing capsules that come with a steel carrying container so you can have them pre-filled while on the go.
    • Simple battery indicator – the five LED lights will flash three times upon turning the XMAX OONT on or off to indicate your battery level, depending on how many lights flash. Each light represents 20% battery so the more lights on, the more battery you have left.
    • Ergonomic size and grip – now this you usually don’t get in the larger, King-Kong-sized dry herb kits but the Oont is only about 5.2cm tall.
    • Cleaning is a breeze – the entire contents of the XMAX Oont Dry Herb Vape’s heating chamber or oven can be emptied (glass mouthpiece, filter, dosing capsule) so each component can be cleaned. Maintaining clean components keeps your dry herb vaping fresh and flavourful.

    Please note:

    • How-to videos on using and cleaning the XMAX OONT are available on the XMAX website.
    • Turn device off when carrying in your pocket or bag (three clicks of fire button).
    • Don't vape while charging.
    • Ensure you read the user manual before vaping.
    • To continue enjoying great vapour flavour and clouds from the XMAX OONT Vaporiser and avoid frequent deep cleans, make sure you clean the heating chamber, filter and dosing capsule after each session. Only clean once all parts have cooled.
    • Not suitable for e-liquid.


    • Size: approx. 51.14 x 27.40 x 74.5mm
    • Temperature range: 180℃-220℃(356℉-428℉)
    • Battery: 18500 3.7V 1500mAh (built-in)
    • Charger: Type-C USB
    • Body material: aluminium alloy
    • Mouthpiece material: glass & steel (food-grade)
    • 3-minute and 5-minute sessions
    • Vibration (haptics) notifications
    • Safety shut-off feature
    • 20 to 25 seconds heat-up time
    • Isolated and scalable airpath
    • Quick and easy cleaning
    • Ceramic with embedded heating element
    • Charges in two hours (5V/1A)
    • Five pre-set temperatures
    • Dosing capsule included


    • XMAX OONT Dry Herb Vaporiser (with internal 1500mAh battery)
    • 4 x Alcohol wipes
    • 3 x Cotton swabs
    • Spiral brush
    • Dosing capsule
    • 2 x Mesh screens
    • O-ring
    • Packing tool
    • Type C USB charging cable
    • User manual


    The following parts are sold separately to either tailor your dry herb vaping or replace parts that have been worn/damaged.



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    these things are getting better each generation. I bought another one didn't I.