Vaporesso Eco Nano Replacement Pods (6ml, 2pcs per pack)


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ECO Nano Replacement Pods (2 pack) by Vaporesso feature a bottom-filling transparent, 6mL vape juice capacity body that's made for perfect, not too tight or loose, mouth-to-lung (MTL) draws with a Vaporesso Eco Nano Pod Kit. Vaporesso Eco Nano Pods are also disposable so they're super easy to use for beginner vapers but unlike so many replaceable vape pods, Eco Nano Pods last 13000 puffs.


Much, MUCH bigger than the average 2-4mL replacement pods! Vaporesso Eco Nano Pods are truly giant, long-lasting pods when you consider they suit a simple, compact pod vaping device! 

  • 6mL e-liquid capacity – bring your e-liquid top-ups to a bare minimum with the ECO Nano Pod that’s actually larger than many vape tanks!
  • Disposable – keep refilling the pod and when it stops vaping as well (excess leaking, bad vapour favour, much less vape clouds), you dispose of the pod and replace it with a new Eco Nano Pod.
  • Cost-efficient – lasts longer than a lot of disposable vape kits which are entirely disposable.
  • Great vapour flavour – Corex Heating Technology used by Vaporesso means the morph-mesh built-in coil and cotton provide rapid, even heat for accurate flavour and longer pod life.
  • Easy to see e-juice level – almost transparent body lets you see your vape juice level and avoid vaping on an empty pod (possible to burn your coil).
  • Fills from the bottom – under the black rubber plug at the bottom, there’s a large fill port to fill the pod with vape juice.
  • Magnetic pod connection – keeps your pod securely in the battery even while carrying.
  • SSS leak-resistant technology in the pod which stands for:
    • seal comprehensively with the o-rings that keep the air pressure in for a tighter draw
    • store safely with extra seal that may prevent the ECO Nano Pod leaking while not being used
    • saturate properly via the large coil openings to the cotton to avoid burning the coil or getting a dry hit (aka helps prime coil and keep the cotton wet while vaping).
  • MTL draws – inhale vapour to your mouth, hold, then draw to the lungs like you used to puff on the old, stinky, cancer stick. The 0.8 and 1.2 ohm Eco Nano Replacement Pods both provide great MTL draws that aren’t super restricted. Since there’s no airflow adjustment, the 1.2 ohm pod may produce a slightly more restricted draw than the 0.8 ohm.

Please note:

  • Remove the plastic strip at the bottom of new pods before using.
  • It's essential to prime new pods before vaping.
    1. Open the black plug underneath the pod.
    2. Fill with vape juice.
    3. Put the plug back in the pod.
    4. Cover the air holes at the bottom of the pod with your finger while gently taking about five short draws on the mouthpiece. This draws e-liquid to the coil’s cotton to saturate it and avoids getting dry hits or prematurely burning your coil. You can also let the pod sit for five minutes after filling to saturate the coil.
    5. Install the pod on the battery and vape.