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    Innokin manufacture the best-selling series of starter kits currently available in Australia. The Endura T18 and T18 II have been the favourite of many smokers looking to quit and move to vaping, with a high success rate at a very affordable price. Known for excellent build quality and long-lasting devices, Innokin have been the preference for new vapers for more than half a decade.



    How did Innokin start out?

    Founded in 2011, Innokin has long catered to new vapers. Their original series of iClear 16 tanks was one of the first plastic clearomisers to hit the market and cemented their place as one of the premier manufacturers in the industry. They followed this up with an updated iClear 30 series of tanks which included glass tubes, metal tops and bottoms and swivel mouthpieces, all of which were innovative for their time.

    Branching out into devices, Innokin manufactured the super-tough MVP, an 11-watt device unlike anything else on the market. They further upgraded this over time - first to 20 watts and eventually all the way above 100 watts - and supplemented it with the smaller Cool Fire series.

    The company truly hit their stride when they released the first Endura devices, the T18 and T22. These were top-filling mouth-to-lung starter kits that accurately replicated the inhale that smokers got from a cigarette. The T18 and its successor, the T18 II, were and are leaps and bounds ahead of any other pen-style starter kit, and these designs dominated sales to the extent that it pushed most competitors out of the market.

    As a company that meets many of our customers face-to-face as we serve them in our stores, we can say with great certainty that many people choose the Endura T18 II as their first device, and for a great percentage of them it's their only device. They are trusted, affordable and above all, reliable.


    Why choose Innokin devices?

    Innokin's main goal is to get mouth-to-lung devices into the hands of new vapers, helping them make the switch away from smoking. Their range of tanks and kits achieves this goal, with no company better at producing starter kits.

    Innokin's T18 series remains the best option for new vapers who are after a traditional pen-style starter kit. It outputs around 10-14 watts of power and accurately replicates the inhale that comes from a cigarette. When first starting vaping, it is better to get a kit that does this as the sensation of inhaling too much vapour can be so different than smoking that it becomes difficult to properly use your vape as a direct replacement.

    The company also produces one of the best mouth-to-lung tanks on the market in the Zenith series. It features top-filling capability and a series of great tasting coils that output approximately between 10 and 20 watts of power. These, too, will enable a true mouth-to-lung inhale while not sacrificing flavour.


    Why buy your Innokin devices from The Vape Store?

    We source all of our products direct from established wholesale suppliers, so you can be sure that your device, coils and accessories are all genuine and legitimate. Many of our products feature a scratch panel that will give you an authenticity code that can be double-checked directly on the manufacturer's website.

    As our devices - including kits, mods and tanks - are genuine products from this manufacturer, all of these products are covered by the manufacturer's extended warranty in addition to our standard retail warranty.