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    The Vaporesso Swag II is an update of the best-selling Swag series of kits from Vaporesso.

    The original Swag kit built a reputation as a well-built high-wattage device running on a single 18650 battery and packaged into a small, portable unit. Better still, it was among the cheapest ways to get into sub-ohm vaping, and the Swag II builds upon all of these successes while remaining thoroughly affordable.



    Just like the original, the Swag II mod outputs up to 80 watts of power but runs instead on an updated AXON chip which gives you several different modes in which to vape, as well as better accuracy and faster firing. The brand new Pulse Mode gives you a hit every 0.2 seconds during your vape, which increases flavour and creates a more powerful experience. Smart TC reading will detect if you have a Temperature Control-capable coil attached and adjust your settings automatically. Power Eco increases your vaping time by maximising the battery life of your device, and DIY Mode gives you access to wattage vaping, TC vaping, curves and bypass.

    Upgrades to the body of the Swag include an ergonomic curve that makes the battery portion of the device slightly wider and rounded, allowing for it to be easily held. A rubber coating adds a soft feel to the device while remaining solid and sturdy. This is the same rubber coating as found on the Vaporesso GEN mod. The finish is both fingerprint and scratch resistant.



    The biggest upgrade, though? That would be the ability to place tanks up to 25mm on your device. The original Swag allowed for 22mm tanks, which is a bit limiting these days as sub-ohm tanks have generally moved to a wider diameter. This update allows most sub-ohm tanks that would vape at 80 watts or below to fit comfortably onto the Swag II mod.

    The kit here is paired with the brand new Vaporesso NRG PE tank, which is the latest in the line of excellent NRG tanks. It continues to use the very popular and pretty awesome GT cores, which include the best-selling GT Mesh and GT CCELL lines. Included with the tank are a single GT CCELL coil, which registers 0.5 ohms and is best vaped between 25 to 35 watts; and the brand new GT4 Meshed coil, which registers 0.15 ohms and is best vaped between 60 to 70 watts (with an overall range from 50 to 75 watts).

    The kit runs on a single 18650 battery, which is sold separately. If you liked the original Swag then you'll love the Swag II. If you're on the lookout for a smaller sub-ohm vape in a very affordable package, you really can't go wrong.



    Kit Includes:

    • Vaporesso Swag II Mod
    • Vaporesso NRG PE Tank
    • GT4 Meshed Coil (0.15 ohms)
    • GT CCELL Coil (0.5 ohms)
    • Replacement Seals
    • Micro USB Cable
    • User Manual


    • Small and affordable sub-ohm kit
    • Excellent GT cores still in use
    • Ergonomic shape with soft-touch covering
    • Takes up to 25mm tanks


    (Sold Separately)

    The Vaporesso NRG Coils are disposable consumable parts and as such over time will need to be replaced to maintain a great vaping experience. Typically a coil will last 1 - 2 weeks before it will need to be replaced. You can purchase replacement coils here: Vaporesso NRG Coils