Tronian Omegatron


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The Tronian Omegatron is intended for use by adults over the age of 18 with dry herb products only. This vape is not to be used with e-liquids. An understanding of dry herb vaporisers is required to use this device safely, and we recommend that you do your own thorough research prior to purchasing.


Introducing the Tronian Omegatron – "Drink's On Me" - Tronian's First Ever Vapour Cup The Omegatron is a noteworthy addition to the vaporiser space that revolutionizes the vaping experience by delivering flavorful vapour with utmost ease. Its sleek design sets it apart, removing the need for complex touch buttons and opting for a straightforward operation approach. The heating chamber, featuring a specialised Glass Core, ensures consistent transformation of solid wax into vapour through tiny openings, resulting in a consistently delightful vapour encounter.

Moreover, the Omegatron's compatibility with 510 threaded carts ensures convenient maintenance and smooth transitions between various solid concentrates. For those who desire a personalized touch, the cup offers the opportunity to infuse elements like citrus peels or herbs, enabling a tailored flavour profile. With these exceptional qualities, the Omegatron guarantees a user-friendly and premium vaporizing experience that is unparalleled.

Key Features:
  • “Sippable” Vapor
  • Push Activated Auto-Filling
  • Innovative Glass Core Heating Element
  • Secondary Triple Helix Heating Element
  • 510-Thread Compatible so will work Prefilled THC/CBD Oil Cartridges otherwise known as carts, mcarts, ccell carts, and concentrate cart utilising the 510 connector
  • 3150 mAh

How to Use the Tronian Omegatron

1. Turn On:  Locate the power switch at the bottom of the device and turn it on.

2. Adjust Voltage:  Click the button next to the power switch to cycle through the four voltage settings:

  • Teal – 2.8 volts
  • Yellow – 3.2 volts
  • Orange – 3.6 volts
  • Red – 4 volts

3. Choose Heating Element:  Depending on your preference, select either the Glass Mesh or Triple Rod Heating Element. Alternatively, you can use a 1mL Vape Cartridge. Screw in the chosen heating element or cartridge onto the 510 threading located beneath the Vapor Cup.

4. Filling the Vapour Cup:  Place the Vapour Cup on top of the heating element or cartridge adapter. Press down on the cup to start the filling process. You'll know it's working when the LED light at the bottom of the device illuminates, and the fan begins to sound. Due to the device's quick heat-up time, vapor will start filling the cup immediately.

5. Enjoy Your Vapour:   Once the Vapor Cup is nearly full, remove it from the device. The LED light on the bottom will continue to glow, indicating its operation. Experience the delight of cool, flavourful vapour that's ready for your enjoyment.

 For More Information:  If you need further guidance or details, refer to the Tronian Omegatron Owner's Manual.

Tronian Omegatron Vapour Cup – a device designed for simplicity, versatility, and exceptional vapour quality.