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    NOTE: Samsung 30Q batteries are now difficult to obtain and may not be restocked.

    The Samsung 30Q battery is an 18650 with a 3000mah capacity and a maximum continuous discharge rating of 15A.

    Price is for one single Samsung 30Q 18650 battery.


    Battery Capacity (mah) Amp Limit Genuine Price
    Golisi S26 2600 25 Yes $28 for 2
    LG HG2 3000 20 (18) Yes $12.50
    Molicel P26A 2600 25 Yes $13
    Samsung 25R 2500 20 Yes $10
    Samsung 30Q 3000 15 Yes $12
    Sony VTC4 2100 30 (23) Yes $13
    Sony VTC6 3000 15 (19) Yes $14

    Capacity (mah) measures the milliamp hours of the battery, or the battery life. The higher this number, the longer your battery will generally last, although usually higher capacity battery have a lower Amp Limit.

    Amp Limit measures the number of amps that the battery can support your device outputting at a continuous rate. This means that holding the battery down for longer than approximately one second will be safe at or under this limit. For devices running batteries in parallel, the Amp Limit is multiplied by the number of batteries being used (ie. 2 x Samsung 25R = 40A limit). The Amp Limit required is dependant upon the device and tank/coil system you are using, as well as the power (wattage) you are using it at. For most regulated devices, the Amp Limit will not be a concern as there are built-in safety mechanisms. Use Steam Engine's calculator to detect your required Amp Limit.

    Amp Limit shown is shown as Manufacturer's Rating (Mooch's Tested Rating) unless both figures are the same. Generally trust the latter more than the former; sometimes Amp Limits are overstated by the manufacturer, including stating Pulse rather than Continuous ratings.

    In Short: Most people will be fine with the Samsung 25R batteries. For those who want a higher Amp Limit and don't mind shorter battery life, choose the Golisi or Molicel batteries. For those who want a longer battery life and don't mind a lower Amp Limit, choose the Samsung 30Q batteries.

    All batteries sold by The Vape Store are genuine. Be wary of counterfeit 18650 batteries, which are generally re-wraps of lower Amp Limit batteries, and will possibly be unsafe for use in vaping devices.

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    30 April 2021
    John B.
    Australia Australia

    The batteries did not have the capacity to last a day in my vaping device. I will have to find another brand

    06 November 2020
    Kerrie M.
    Australia Australia
    Item Exactly as described

    Worked great for my vape.

    12 October 2020
    Scott h.
    Australia Australia
    Good product came quick

    Good product came quick

    The Vape Store Samsung 30Q 15A 3000mAh 18650 Battery Review
    13 July 2020
    Vince R.
    Australia Australia

    Excellent battery ang excellent service very fast delivery