Kanger Subtank Nano Replacement Glass

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Replacement gass for the Kanger Subtank Nano.

Accidents happen, but if you do manage to break the glass in your Subtank Nano, there's no need to thow away the entire tank. Now you can grab a replacement glass to fit your device and you can be up and running again for just $5. This will definitely do the job if you ever experience any cracks or leaks from your tank.

This Pyrex gass tube is a spare part only!

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31 January 2017
Rachel M.

Reaplacement KangerTech Glass

Although I am utterly annoyed with how often I am having to replace my KangerTech Glass due to its poor design flaws... Go KangerTech!! ... *SARCASM* (You can and I am not kidding you, break it just putting the blasted replacement glass in when ******** it back together, how annoying is that??!!! Even if you are being as careful as possible! And I have small lady hands so don't start thinking I am a huge body builder or anything and I'm just being rough, lol) Anyway, although that annoys me to no end, I can confirm that the replacement glass I bought from here was in perfect condition, fitted correctly (even though it cracked when I put the glass in and ******* it together, even with new seals installed... sigh) the product was not to blame, just my damn vape was. *HEAD-->DESK* ... anyway, the postage was SUPER FAST, and originally, when I thought those breakages (the cracking in the glass near the seals) was from dropping it, (yes some are from dropping it, but not all now that I have realised what�۪s been happening) I asked the staff for a vape ring in plain purple if they had any... they obliged and gave me two for free, which was lovely of them. Unfortunately the rings were for a bigger manlier vape, unlike my purple KangerTech Nano that the glass breaks on all the blasted time, the rings didn't fit around it, so they were no use to me anyway. Damn... I'm going to assume you are in my boat if you are on here buying glass, so here's a *hug*... I know how painful this has become for you... but you're most likely like me, and got charged a bomb for the bloody thing originally, so now you are stuck in the "fix it when it breaks" cycle, rather than the "throw it in the bin and buy a different one before you go insane cycle" Oh well... sucks to be us hey? ....Well it�۪s not this company's fault we got conned into buying a ****** vape that breaks a lot and that mainstream vape rings don't fit. (Actually, that not fair, it�۪s not actually a ****** vape, it�۪s only the glass breaking a lot part that�۪s the drawback) The Vape Store are excellent, their staff fabulous, and their vape liquid is delicious too. So, ensure to buy from them, the prices are very reasonable and you won�۪t be disappointed! :)