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    Marc Callec


    I bought my first e-cig back in 2013 and straight away I realised how how great these devices were. I put out my last cigarette a few days later and haven't looked back.  

    It was only a few months later that I decided I wanted to start a vape business so that I could help others discover how fantastic vaping was. I convinced my good friend Jacqui to join me and The Vape Store was born.

    I took the plunge, left my steady career and dived right in. It's been the best decision I've ever made and I feel so fortunate that I get to meet so many wonderful people and help them make the switch away from cigarettes.


    Jacqui Munn


    The best thing about being involved in The Vape Store is creating new flavours. It's challenging, but hugely rewarding. I also love the process of helping someone make the switch from smoking. It doesn't get much better than that!

    Prior to The Vape Store I worked as a journalist, mostly in radio. I've swapped one crazy life, for another, but wouldn't have it any other way.

    Hobbies: Travel (when I can), sleeping (when I can), but mostly catching up with friends at the pub.


    Shaun Blair

    Store Manager (Holden Hill) 

    The Vape Store has given me the opportunity to work in the field I am most passionate about.

    I was quite a heavy smoker and that was starting to give me some breathing problems that were worrying to me. I gave up smoking early 2014 as a result of vaping and am loving the change it has given me.

    I'm passionate to have my own juice line: Vape Monster Juice.

    Hobbies: Vaping, coil building, cloud blowing, inventing flavours and I also love my fishing. 

    Sam Hills

    Sales Team

    I made the switch to vaping in late 2013 and can say I’m glad I did. It’s opened a whole new world where I’m able to share my enthusiasm and guide others in the right direction.

    The most rewarding part of of being at The Vape Store is seeing peoples’ enthusiasm when they’ve successfully quit smoking cigarettes.

    When I’m not at The Vape Store, I’m probably at uni trying to get assignments that are due the next day or working on cars.  

    Joseph Small

    Sales Team

    I started vaping at the beginning of 2014 with a little disposable kit, but it wasn't until I came into The Vape Store that I got a proper start and saw how helpful this can be for people!  

    Since then I've bought a lot of different devices, because I really love the technology aspect to it all.

    Away from vaping, I love sport, reddit and online shopping (to a fault).  

    Dawid Crawford

    Sales Team

    To Vape or not to vape? To vape! The way I got into vaping was through a friend that was kind enough to bring me a starter kit from Poland. It was a awakening to a whole new world of cloudy goodness. I was vaping for more than a year and a half when I joined the team. The guys at the store were super helpful and taught me a lot.

    Outside of work I like to do some music production and I also enjoy my fair share of online first person shooters to calm the nerves.  

    Damien Heath

    Sales Team

    A few friends and I started vaping in 2013 and instantly loved it. It was great to go on the journey with others. I eventually quit smoking (it took a while), and now thoroughly believe that vaping can change the world and save lives.

    The best thing about vaping is finding or creating a flavour that you love; it's like finding a new favourite food.

    Away from The Vape Store I'm a big fan of baseball, horror movies, and that YouTube video of the "I like turtles" kid.