The End of Vaping in Australia

The End of Vaping in Australia

The Bill to outlaw vape stores has passed the House of Representatives and is bound for the Senate. If it passes the Senate on June 24, and it looks like it will, every single vape store in Australia (both brick and mortar and online) will be forced to permanently close down. Only an overwhelming campaign to contact Senators can stop this from happening now.


The bill to ban the sale of vape devices outside of a pharmacy with a prescription has passed the House of Representatives.  A final vote will be held in the Senate on June 24. Should the bill succeed then the Health Minister Mark Butler will move to immediately close all vape stores — permanently.

That means it will be absolutely impossible for you to access the liquids and devices you use today. The only legal option will be to buy pre-mixed flavourless, menthol, or tobacco-flavoured juice in a pre-filled pod device from pharmacies with a prescription — no exceptions.

A total retail ban will destroy what little remains of the vape industry in Australia, and Butler has plans to go even further in the coming months.

Juices — gone. Mods — gone. Tanks — gone. Rebuildables — gone. Even raw flavour concentrates are being targeted — with the government planning to crack down on the ability to import food flavourings.


The Senate is our last chance to stop this. The government controls the House of Representatives, and since they're the ones who introduced this bill it was always going to pass the House. But the government does not control the Senate, and if we can convince enough Senators to oppose this bill then the government will be forced to retreat and reconsider its options.

If this affects you and you want to have your say, please contact your Senator. It just takes five minutes to fire off an email, and we need everybody to participate if we stand any chance at all of stopping this.

Click here to find the contact details for your Senator and tell them not to support the vaping ban. Your rights depend on it.

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